It may not be never-ending like the breadsticks in the restaurant but you can get a Breadstick Bouquet from Olive Garden this Valentine's Day.

Last year the Italian restaurant chain introduced the Breadstick Bouquet online. This year they are making them even easier to get a hold of by offering them at every Olive Garden location in the country.

Someone tell my husband he better not be getting me flowers.

Olive Garden breadsticks actually have their own Facebook page with 1.2 million fans. That's how much people love them.

So what better way to give the someone you love on the day all about love than the delicious breadsticks they love?

There is just one catch. The breadstick bouquets are a limited supply, so act fast if you know you want one.

Starting February 13 you can order yours through your local location and have it to give your someone special on Valentine's Day. Or you can order the entire Valentine's Day To-Go Dinner for Two and get your bouquet plus the meal and a box of mints for just $34.99.

The mints are super cute too by the way. You get a small box of their signature after-dinner mints with a poem for your significant other inside that reads:

Roses Are red

Violets Are Blue

Here's a box of mints

I made just for you.

If you think your Valentine would love it too, then check in at your closest Olive Garden to find out how to make this breadstick bouquet dream a reality.

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