Living in Manhattan, I commute to and from Bozeman at least five days a week. Sometimes, it seems like the drive takes forever. It's not necessarily the distance that makes it seem long, it's the other drivers on the road.

When I finally get into Bozeman, there are people that cut you off in traffic, and apparently don't know how to use turn signals. Not to mention the people that try to pull out in traffic from a side street when there obviously isn't room to do so safely.

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If you're on foot in downtown Bozeman, you better make sure that you look both ways before crossing the street. Often times it seems that drivers aren't watching out for you.

You don't have to look far to witness bad driving in Bozeman. Just take a drive down Main St., N. 19th Ave, or Jackrabbit Lane.

Over the past few years, I have done quite a bit of travelling through Montana. I have ventured to multiple locations from east to west. One thing I have noticed is how much worse the drivers are in Bozeman compared to the rest of the state. I mean, some drivers here are just downright bad. Much of the increase in bad driving can be attributed to all of the new people that are moving to the Bozeman area in droves.

I think a mandatory driving test should be required for newcomers to Bozeman. It would determine whether or not motorists are a potential danger to others. That may be a bit extreme, but the problem is definitely getting out of hand.

I'm usually a pretty laid back guy, and I don't complain much. However, one thing that always gets under my skin is bad driving.

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