This is a huge move from the pet store giant.

USA Today is reporting that the San Diego based pet store chain Petco has made the big decision to no longer sell electronic "shock" collars in any of their stores, including their location in Bozeman near the Gallatin Valley Mall.

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Petco announced they will it has ended selling human and bark activated shock collars and launched a "Stop the Shock" campaign. The campaign includes a petition and calls on their competitors to sign the petition and stop selling the collars as well.

The reason being is that there is a better way of training your dog and that is Positive Reinforcement Training.

This is absolutely huge move by Petco and honestly I applaud them for making a big change but their competitors might be a little bit more difficult to also stop selling shock collars.

The other big chains that Petco is probably referring to is PetSmart and Walmart. These collars are used for training and have always been looked as a little extreme but also folks use them so when they are at work their dogs don't bark and annoy neighbors.

I have never been a dog trainer and have no idea what kind of dogs they have dealt with but I have never like shock collars in my life. Mostly, because when I was in college and being very stupid me and a bunch of friends decided to see how bad they were. Let's just say I will never put a shock collar on my dogs ever. They are painful and I can't imagine doing that to my animals.

For more details on Petco, check out the USA Today.