If you need an easy, free and quick way to remind folks to wear a face covering, you can print as many signs as you need from our health department...we've got the link and info here.

Montana Governor Bullock issued a mask requirement for the state. To make it easy for your business to remind customers as they enter the store, the Gallatin City-County Health Department created a simple "Face Coverings Required" printable poster.

Save yourself some time and just print out a few of these, with the Healthy Gallatin logo on them. Of course, you're welcome to create your own...this is just a super quick option for you.

(A cropped version is below, but the link will take you to the full size jpg.)

If you are someone who is immune compromised, you might want to print out one for your front door at home. It's an easy way to remind friends or delivery people to keep their distance and/or wear a mask at your door.

Healthy Gallatin mask sign
Brooks Brothers
Getty Images

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