If you're traveling through Montana, you'll see a lot of interesting things. The state is full of unique roadside attractions that offer visitors a window into the past. There are also a lot of really cool barns all across Montana, and some of them have colorful quilts hanging on the front of them. If you're wondering what it means, we looked into it and found the answer.

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The quilts are known as "barn quilts", and there's actually a scenic barn quilt trail in Montana. So, what is the significance of barn quilts and what do they mean?

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According to American Barn Quilts, the history of the barn quilt can be traced back almost 300 years, to the arrival of immigrants from the central regions of Europe. In the United States, the first barn quilts appeared in Pennsylvania before spreading into northeastern states and out west.

Paint was very expensive in those days and painting a decorative yet distinctive quilt pattern on their barns was a wonderful way of allowing for decoration. It also became an excellent way for travelers to find particular families or cross roads, as towns people would just tell them which pattern to look for.

What Do Quilts on Barns in Montana Mean?

The history of barn quilts is quite interesting. Barn quilts were used during the Revolutionary War as a way to show that an area was safe and that supplies were available. Many barn quilts were used to represent agricultural families and farmland. Some barn quilts were inspired by a single block of a family quilt.

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Where Can You See Barn Quilts in Montana?

You can see over 70 different barn quilts on the Meagher County Arts & Cultural Trail. Driving the trail takes less than two hours, but it's well worth it. The route was a project approved by the Meagher County Chamber of Commerce in 2017 and is a great way to see all the amazing communities in the county including Ringling, Martinsdale, White Sulphur Springs, and more.

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