The City of Bozeman has partnered with Gender Equality Montana and Downtown Bozeman to install Bozeman's first rainbow crosswalks.

The rainbow patterned crosswalks will be installed at the intersections of Babcock Street and Tracy Avenue, and also at the intersection of Mendenhall Street and Willson Avenue.

We continue to make steps forward to make it clear that Bozeman is a safe and welcoming community for all. This city must be a place where anyone, regardless of how they identify themselves, is welcomed and has the opportunity to thrive.

-City Manager Jeff Mihelich

The Bozeman rainbow crosswalks aren't the first in the state. In 2018, nonprofit group Empower Montana sponsored a rainbow-painted crosswalk in Missoula at the intersection of Pattee and Pine in the downtown area. KBZK shared a video of motorcycle riders vandalizing the crosswalks in Missoula shortly after they were installed in 2018.

According to a statement from the City of Bozeman, crews will begin installing the rainbow crosswalks downtown on Thursday.

Many major cities throughout the country have already installed rainbow crosswalks including San Francisco, Long Beach, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Seattle. According to Wikipedia, the first rainbow crosswalk was painted during a protest movement that emerged in Sydney, Australia in 2013.

Gender Equality Montana is a non-profit organization established to boldly advocate for gender equality throughout Montana. The organization holds community events, focuses on educations, and provides support for gender-diverse individuals and families.

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