Move over, Justin! There's a new leader on YouTube and her name is Rihanna! The 'Diamonds' songstress has surpassed the Biebs as the most viewed artist on the video website. Go girl!

According to Billboard, RiRi has a combined 3.7 billion views on the 77 videos on her VEVO account, which is 2 million more than Justin Bieber. We must also note that Rihanna hit this mark with two less videos up than Bieber. In regards to subscribers, RiRi also wears the crown, with 8.7 million people following her on YouTube, while Bieber only has 4.9 million subscribers.

We would imagine Beliebers will not take this lightly though. All Justin has to do to win back his title is tweet out a rallying cry and all his Beliebers will do everything within their power to win back his crown. We have a feeling that his 40+ million fans will watch his videos until their eyes bleed just so their idol can hold yet another record. You can't criticize them for being devoted,  but are they more devoted than Rihanna's Navy? We guess we'll find out in the coming weeks!