Sean Lowe, star of this season's 'The Bachelor,' is thisclose from pretend-proposing to one of two women before they inevitably break up and go their separate ways.

So it's a good thing they don't know he possibly offered to give his own sister his sperm so she could have a baby.

When Lowe learned of his sister Shay's infertility problems with her husband, he allegedly offered up his own seed to a surrogate so the baby could carry at least some of the Lowe family genes.

(This, of course, is according to the National Enquirer through Radar Online, which is pretty much like a game of telephone with a class of second graders. So who knows what's true and what's not.)

On the plus side, Shay's not gestating the baby so she won't have her brother's chromosomes inside her. On the negative side, her son would biologically also be her nephew, which is hillbillier than most family dynamics. On the confusing side, would this strip him of his "born-again virgin" status?

“Not only were Shay and her husband devastated [over her pregnancy struggle], so was Sean,” claimed a source. “Family is everything to him and having kids is a big part of it. But month after month, he heard the same disappointing news, his sister wasn’t pregnant.”

To read more about all this and to find out if Jennifer Aniston is knocked up with quintuplets made from the DNA of a beluga whale, you'll have to pick up today's issue of the National Enquirer.

It's okay. We won't tell.