I am stoked for this one!  Montana Whitewater is now offering Madison River Float shuttles!  You can rent tubes, floating coolers, stand up paddle boards and more - PLUS, they are offering shuttles to and from the river!

If you have your own tubes, you can get a ride to the Madison and back from either their new office at 11th and main, or from the Town Pump at 4 Corners.  The cost for this is only $10! The second option is for tube rental and the shuttle.  They will hook you up with both for $17.  Either way the shuttle will run at 11:30am and 1pm.

I for one am thrilled about this.  I've been in Bozeman for many summers, and have been on a ton of floats.  The alcohol consumption on the river is high, and lots of times you can see someone who's been drinking get behind the wheel of their car and drive home.  There has been many accidents, and even deaths, after too much fun on the Madison.

Please be safe!  $10 is SUCH a low cost for a ride to and from the float.  Get you and your friends home safely and have a great time floating!