I work and play in Downtown Bozeman - and I find myself laughing a couple of times a week at what I see ladies trying to wear and pull off in the snow.  Lesson 1 of living in Montana, it snows here - alot.  And you can either make the choice of being soaking wet and freezing all the time, or you can embrace the style of layering (and for god sakes BOOTS!)!  Don't get me wrong I LOVE my stiletto's and cute little clothes, but I will not leave my house knowing I am going to freeze for the night.  Here's some tips:

Stay Warm, Look Sleek

The time for piling on the clothes has arrived and, with that, the dreaded fear of looking like an urban Eskimo. But staying warm doesn't have to equal feeling unwieldy. Try these 9 celeb-tested tricks for sleek — and flattering — winter layering.

By Joyann King

via Stay Warm, Look Sleek - Everyday Style - Your Look - MSN Lifestyle.