Bozeman Sport and Spine is Proud to offer Stem Cell Therapy


What are stem cells?
Stem cells are cells found in the body that are able to divide into two identical cells in a process called mitosis. Our adult stem cells miraculously function as a type of bodily repair system able to actually replenish adult tissues thus helping injuries heal much quicker.
Where are stem cells found?
Traditionally adult stem cells have been harvested from our bone marrow and then cultured over two weeks. But now we have found stem cells in our fat….yes, fat!! Our fat is actually loaded with hundreds to a thousand times the amount found in bone marrow.
How do we retrieve your stem cells?
At Bozeman Sport and Spine, with specialized procedures and tools, we can separate your stem cells from your fat, all in the comforts of our office setting.
How are your stem cells used?
At Bozeman Sport & Spine we use your own stem cells to repair and restore arthritic and injured joints. So if you’re suffering from damaged or arthritic joints like knee, hip, or shoulder and want a natural, safe and effective alternative to surgery use your own stem cells to repair and restore your joint health.

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