One thing you never want to do is upset or annoy the person that handles your food.

Many Montanans love participating in viral trends to feel part of a bigger crowd. These trends tend to be popular if they are helping other people out or kind gestures that can make someone's day. Except, there is one kind gesture that has been annoying fast food workers for quite a few years, and they want it to stop.

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One of the most popular trends and kind gestures that most folks in Montana participate in is the paying it forward trend. This gesture happens at fast food drive-thru windows where someone ahead of you pays for your food, and you are expected to pay for the food or drink of the person behind you. The whole point is for everyone to pay for the person behind them consistently.

Here's the problem, fast food workers hate it when people pay it forward.

Photo by Jonas Leupe via Unsplash
Photo by Jonas Leupe via Unsplash

Fast food workers across the United States loathe when people pay it forward. The reasoning behind these feelings is simple and easy to understand. The problem is figuring out which cars have their drinks or food paid for and which vehicles still need to pay.

It seems like it can be a massive hassle.

We called around and asked a few of our friends how they feel about when people pay it forward, and they had some great points.

One person said it's alright to pay it forward, but please avoid it during the lunch or dinner rush. Workers are trying to focus on getting people their food and don't have time to worry about who has paid.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Another employee who works at a coffee shop with a drive-thru said to avoid paying it forward in the morning. People are trying to get their drinks to start their day and don't want to be held up.

I understand both sides of the argument. It's a fantastic gesture but can be a hassle for the employees. If you pay it forward, be respectful of the employees who have to handle the situation.

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