Sometimes when you are with your friends, you want to get wild, and these places are here for it.

Montana is known for many things. We have beautiful views, breathtaking wildlife, fantastic cuisine, and friendly people. We are known as a family-friendly state. If you want to walk on the wild side, you might have to travel a fair distance to find some fun.

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A question that's often asked is where are the strip or gentlemen's clubs in Montana. If you want to find a strip club in Montana, you only have a few places to go.

As of writing this, there are only four strip clubs in all of Montana. There used to be a couple more, like Fred's Lounge in Missoula, The Playground Lounge in Great Falls, and the Buffalo Jump in Gallatin Gateway, but they closed.

A man watching an erotic dancer
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So where can you find a gentlemen's club in Montana? Well, you will go to one of Montana's major cities to find one, and it's slim pickings. The upside, the quality of the strip clubs is pretty solid in Montana.

To make life easier for you, we put together a photo gallery of every strip club in Montana, what city they are located in, and what to expect.

Photo by Eric Nopanen via Unsplash
Photo by Eric Nopanen via Unsplash

Some of these clubs are vastly different compared to the others in quality, safety, and overall fun. If you are hanging out with friends for a bachelor's or birthday party, you want to have a good time.

It's just surprising there aren't more strip clubs in Montana. Who knows? They might make a comeback.

Here are the Four Strip Clubs in Montana.

The Four Strip Clubs in Montana

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