Team pride. Trash talk. The aroma of chicken wings. Many things may be in the air at a Super Bowl party, but romance shouldn’t be one of them.

A recent survey by the dating service Just Lunch found that 53% of single people feel it’s a bad idea to bring a first date to a Super Bowl party. Well, duh. Between rooting for your team, making sure your bets are covered and scarfing down the five different types of subs stashed in the kitchen, reminding your date that she looks nice isn’t exactly the meat of your game plan on such an epic sports day.

Just Lunch spokeswoman Irene LaCota earned her paycheck by explaining what is painfully obvious:

The Super Bowl makes a lousy first date because you’re paying more attention to the TV set than the person you’re with.”

Cris Collinsworth couldn’t have broken it down any better himself.

The rules for people who have already been going out for some time seem to be a whole lot clearer than Ray Lewis’ experience with PEDs. Eighty-eight percent of men and 75% of women who are dating someone say they’re fine going to a Super Bowl party together.

If you have designs on meeting the love of your life at a Super Bowl bash, you may want to reconsider. Much like a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl victory, it’s probably never going to happen; a measly 5% of men and 6% of women report that they’ve dated someone they met at a Super Bowl party. Wow, that means there's a better chance you'll drop a pound or two after eating at one of these bashes, than pick yourself up a new babe.

It also seems that men would prefer watching the Super Bowl the same way you spent your Saturday nights growing up: at home. A surprising 53% of men claim they’d rather watch the game in their abodes, while the same number of women would choose going to a Super Bowl party – probably to complain that their man refuses to be social.