It's the start of a new month, so we wanted to put together a list of some of the best missed connections from the Bozeman Craigslist page from the month of October.

No offense to those that use the site to reconnect, but reading through many of the 'Missed Connections' can be pretty entertaining.

October seemed to be a slow month on the page in Bozeman, so we decided to expand our search and include all of southwest Montana this time. If you're not sure what the missed connections section is all about, here's a brief explanation. Essentially, the page is used to help people reconnect. Many of which already know each other or had a random encounter in the Bozeman area.

Each month, we like to do a roundup of some of the best 'Missed Connections' from the previous month.

Let's get started. Here are some of the best from October 2021.

They say you can tell a lot about a person based upon the type of shoes that they wear. What do red shoes say about a person?

We're curious what kind of offer was made while driving down the interstate.

A little advice...Meeting a friend at the truck stop isn't a good idea. Have you watched the TV show, Big Sky on ABC?

This dude is looking for a stoner chick.

Does the fact that he refers to her hands as pretty freak anyone else out?

This guy wants to replace her lazy boyfriend.

Some of these seem a bit odd, especially the "pretty hands" guy. Be careful out there, folks!

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