Man Gets Arrested For Mooning Wedding Guests
A man was staying in a South Carolina hotel room overlooking the courtyard where a wedding was being held, and he thought it would be funny to moon all the guests.  Authorities said 20-year-old James Dengal  "placed his buttocks against the glass several times and bent over&qu…
Lindsay Lohan Arrested AGAIN
Around 4am this morning, Lindsay Lohan was arrested - again.  This time this actress was in a nightclub in the Chelsea area of New York city for allegedly assaulting a woman after a dispute.
Man Jailed For Mailing Tarantulas
Snail mail isn't for everyone. According to The Los Angeles Times, a German man has been sentenced to six months in prison after he pleaded guilty to shipping nearly 250 tarantulas by mail to the United States.
A federal prosecutor said 37-year-old Sven Koppler, who must also pay a $4,000 fine, …
Hines Ward Accidentally Handcuffed in L.A.
Football player and current 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant Hines Ward was mistakenly handcuffed by police early Thursday morning in Los Angeles, TMZ has learned.
Hines and the female driver were reportedly pulled over by police at around 2AM after they ran the car's plates and not…
Nicolas Cage Arrested, Bailed Out by Dog the Bounty Hunter
Talk about a bizarre chain of events: Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage was arrested early Saturday morning in New Orleans on charges of public drunkenness, disturbing the peace and domestic abuse battery.
The arrest stemmed from an argument Cage had with his wife, Alice, about the location of the hou…