Jeep Hacking is a Real Thing [VIDEO]
The MOOSE crew drives a Jeep and they're one of the most popular brands on the road today. If you own a newer model, watch this Jeep get hacked from miles away. Someone can control everything from your horn to your brakes.
Jet Powered School Bus Breaks 300 MPH
These guys are a little bit nuts. One would have to have a few screws loose to take a 42,000 horse power engine, put it in a school bus, and then attempt to get the bus over 300 mph! Oh, and they said they want to offer rides to willing volunteers...
Geyser Erupts From Manhole, Lifts Car Into the Air [VIDEO]
Earlier in the week, a massive storm dumped almost 12 inches of rain in less than hour on Montreal, causing the city’s sewer system to swell. In this amateur video shown on ‘Today,’ a cameraman filmed as a geyser of water blew off a manhole cover and lifted a parked car into the air.
The geyser start…
Toyota Imagines a Future With Interactive Car Windows [VIDEO]
Eventually, your car options may not be limited to just choices about color, transmission or even GPS. If Toyota has its way, you’ll also be mulling over interactive window features.
These futuristic pieces of glass, called “Windows to the World,” will be far more than just a way to watch the miles f…
Flying Car Now One Step Closer to Reality [VIDEO]
Like the robot maid, the flying car is part of our 'Jetsons'-promised future that has yet to materialize.
But that could change soon. Last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration granted the Transition Roadable Aircraft a series of special exemptions, effectively making th…