Every region has its thing.  What I mean by that is, there are certain ways we refer to certain things. I bring this up because over the weekend my wife and I got together with some friends to watch some football and visit.  One of the topics of conversation is how we pronounce words.

A perfect example, and one that can be discussed in great detail, do you call it pop or soda?  I call it soda, but I have several friends and family members that call it pop. My southern friends just call it Coke.

It seems that Montanans are a mixed bag, referring to it as both soda and pop.

Here's another, what do you call those insects that light up in the night around summertime? Growing up in the south, we called them lightning bugs, however many folks refer to them as fireflies.

Some other examples is it pronounced "Creek" or "Crick"?  Or, do you call it a "roof" or "ruff"? Is it a "bag" or a "baag"? Is it a drinking fountain or a water fountain?


How about when you decide to have a sale in front of your house.  Is it a garage sale, or is it a yard sale? What about a rummage sale?  How about that can that you throw stuff away in?  Is that a garbage can or a trash can? Before moving back to Montana, I spent a few years in North Dakota. North Dakotans are known for referring to what most people call a casserole as a hot dish. It's not just the North Dakotans either, the Minnesotans are in on the action as well.

Tater Tot Casserole
Andrea Skjold

It seems that with so many transplants coming into Montana that we're up for a little bit of everything when it comes to some of these words. Are there any that we missed? What words would you add to the list?

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