Great town, coolest back bar in the state, fascinating history and Ghost Adventures. What more could you ask for when buying a hotel? There's so much to unpack with this one.

  • WHAT: The Metlen Hotel
  • WHERE: Dillon, Montana (5 S Railroad Ave)
  • Hotel Metlen is on the National Register of Historic Places (went on the register in 1983)
  • According to the official listing, the owners are retiring...hence the sale.
  • ASKING PRICE: $1,350,000
  • YEAR BUILT: 1897
  • 32,000 square feet
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: two bars, a restaurant, dining area, 42 rooms, retail space, and live poker/gaming area.
  • This place seriously has the coolest back bar I've ever seen...and Montana seems to be chock full of them. (If you've ever been to The Metlen, you know what I'm talking about.) It is huge, made of solid oak with a mahogany bar top and originally came from Bannack, MT. The back bar alone has to be worth a fortune.
  • The building is made of brick and many original furnishings can be found throughout the hotel.
  • COOL FACT: According to the National Register of Historic Places listing - "Later alterations include the painting of the entire building white. A penthouse was constructed on the roof during World War II which functioned as an aircraft warning facility." Whaaaaaat?
  • SPOOKY FACT: Yes, the Travel Channel did come check out The Metlen Hotel for their Ghost Adventures TV series.
  • You can even see the scanned floor plans HERE
  • MORE INFO: Contact: Phylly at 406-606-8134

And here's the official story of Metlen:

Joseph C. Metlen was born in Juanita County, Pennsylvania, April 2, 1834.

He arrived in Montana in I867 via Illinois and California. He and his brother settled on Horse Prairie and engaged in freighting from Corrine, Utah to Bannack.

In 1871, Metlen represented Beaverhead County in the territorial legislature.

He later followed the miners to Glendale where he engaged in business until March I, 1883 when he moved to Dillon having been elected county treasurer.

In 1884, he unsuccessfully ran for sheriff, but was again elected county treasurer in 1888 and re-elected in 1889 in the first state election.
Metlen purchased the Corrine Hotel in 1884 and operated it until it was destroyed by fire in 1892.

The Hotel Metlen was formally opened to the public on February II, 1898.

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