I couldn't believe it myself. Plus, it's pretty interesting what Wyoming keeps Googling. Dogs are amazing. They are your best friends for life, and they are always happy to see you. So it's not surprising that people all over the United States constantly Google different dogs, but what is interesting is to look at the most-searched dog in every state. Thanks to our friends at The Thrillist we can judge every state on what they search for. Here are the highlights:

  • In Montana the most searched dog breed is...the Irish Wolfhound. One of the biggest dogs in the world, they are fun and very well tempered and would be perfect in Montana. Other breeds searched:Gray Wolf, Scottish Terrier, English Setter and others.
  • Wyoming searched Dingo a breed from Australia that sometimes lives in the wild.
  • Vermont looked up Pug more than anything. Who doesn't love Pugs?
Credit:Tracy Morgan/Getty images

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