According to a press release from the Custer Gallatin National Forest, the Sourdough/Bozeman Trail has reopened for recreational use.

The trail was closed due to the implementation of the Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project which included road maintenance, temporary road construction, mechanical treatments (logging), and hauling operations. The closure was due to public safety concerns while logging crews worked on the ground and by air, using a helicopter for logging and hauling activities in the area.

If you plan on using the trail, you can expect helicopter activity to continue in the area. Most helicopter operations will occur west of the trail to fly logs for processing and decking near Bozeman’s water supply intake approximately half a mile from the trailhead. It is extremely important to stay on the trail to not impede ongoing work.

Flight traffic is expected to be continuous during daylight hours. An additional 3-day public trail closure will occur in the near future. The closure is weather dependent and will be required in order for crews to haul processed logs out, remove equipment, and rehabilitate the trail.

Those using the trail to recreate are advised to stay on the trail and keep pets close. Keep an eye out for crews that are working and don't be surprised if you see or hear a helicopter. There is no reason to be alarmed.

By the end of the project, enough timber to build 120 houses is expected to be removed from the area.

If you'd like to learn more about the Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project or have any questions, watch the video below/

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