When you're looking for a new job, a resume can really make a difference. It's often one of the main things employers look at before deciding to hire an employee.

Zippia.com analyzed over three million resumes to find the most interesting and sometime weird things people put on their resumes in hopes of finding a job.

For the most part, building a resume is fairly easy. Some sections requiring people to include information such as 'Additional Interests.' This is the area that can sometimes get a little weird.

Residents of Oregon like to add the fact that they volunteer to their resumes. In Hawaii, the term "Awesome" is often used. Alaskans seem to be fond of the word "Klingon." In Wyoming, you'll find "Dude" on many resumes. The term most likely refers to the term, dude ranch.

Here in Montana, the weirdest thing people put on resume doesn't actually seem that weird. People looking for work in Montana are most prone to mentioning their wife.

In order to find the weirdest things on resumes in every state, zippia.com gathered up the most disproportionately common interests found on people’s resumes in each state across the country, by analyzing a veritable boatload of resumes. 3,543,017 to be exact. They also looked at which keywords appeared in people’s additional interests the most across the country.

Using the information that they gathered, zippia.com made a map of the weirdest things people are putting on their resume in every state. It's really interesting to see, but it's also hard to believe that people put some of these things on their resume.

Check out the map below.


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