Sometimes the best fun is for free and honestly, this place sounds pretty fun to check out.

MSN came out with a list of the Best Free Attraction in Every State and there are so many choices for the great state of Montana but this is a pretty solid pick for MSN. The best free attraction for Montana is the Yellowstone County Museum in Billings.

Credit: Yellowstone County Museum via Facebook
Credit: Yellowstone County Museum via Facebook

If you have never been, the Yellowstone County Museum is located pretty close to the Billings airport and has many artifacts preserving the history of the Yellowstone Valley. If you are a fan of the old west and especially old Montana this place has everything you want to see. Plus, you will be able to learn about how Billings went from a frontier town to the biggest city in Montana as well.

Listen, I know a lot of folks find museums to be boring or lame but honestly, I love going to museums anywhere I go visit. I've been to the Museum of Glass in Seattle, Museum of Coca-Cola in Atlanta(one of personal favorites) and one that I used to go to all the time as a child, the Miracle of America Museum in Polson, Montana. All of these spots are fantastic but they have cost money.

You might want to plan your visit the next time you are in Billings because due to COVID-19, they might take reservations for their museum but the nice part is you still get to see a lot of vintage Montana things for free.

For more details, check out Yellowstone County Museum.

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