With summer now officially underway, let me count the ways. This season is just so good for the mind and body (soak in that vitamin D while using the outdoors as your gym people). And my good people of Montana, don’t forget the sunscreen (it’s been a long winter once again).

I can’t help but be overjoyed with new vigor, thanks to the increased sunlight. We’ve been couped up long enough, the door has now been opened to this domesticated winter house cat. Outside is where you will find me, whether it be exploring, fishing, golfing, camping or just plain chillin. I plan to mix it up with a smile on my face and color on my skin!

So goodbye fitness club and hello mother nature’s gym (we’re in one of the best in the world and the membership is free). Even when I have to mow the lawn, I still get to stare at a beautiful landscape doing it and it’s all good. What else can this excited little kid say? I love summer in Bozeman! I won’t stray far too often. I look forward to seeing you all at Music On Main (which kicks off on June 30th), the Bogert Farmer’s Market, the Downtown Art Walks (the second friday of the month) or the Crystal rooftop. Cheers!