Worried about another great American toilet paper shortage? Charmin's got your (digital, at least) booty covered!

On Wednesday (March 17), Charmin announced the launch of the world's first Non-Fungible Toilet Paper—or NFT(P), for short.

The company is currently auctioning off six pieces of original digital artwork as NFTs, three of which were commissioned by illustrators and three which were created in-house by Charmin. The auction is entirely virtual, with participants bidding remotely through Rarible. All proceeds will go to Direct Relief, which provides lifesaving medical resources to communities in need.

We love a charity event for a good cause, but... what exactly can you do with digital toilet paper? According to Charmin, you can hang it in your bathroom. Each roll comes with its own physical display, so you can place it alongside your IRL toilet paper. It also functions as a cryptocurrency token.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest phenomenon to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Each NFT is a unique digital item that can't be duplicated, thus increasing its value. And you can bet your bottom (pun intended!) dollar that Charmin's NFTPs are worth a lot.

As of Friday morning (March 19), the highest bid on "NFTP By Charmin / #005" is at just over $2200. Bidders are placing their offers using other forms of cryptocurrency, including Wrapped Etherium (WETH) and Rarible (RARI).

“We’re always looking to provide the best TP, but a better bathroom experience can expand well beyond the seat," said Charmin VP Rob Reinerman in a statement about the auction. "NFT(P) is a fun and playful way to give the biggest Charmin fans a one-of-a-kind virtual version of their favorite roll."

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