I don't know a lot, but I definitely know how to enjoy a gorgeous day. Really. It's nearly impossible for me to screw up a sunny afternoon. Learning French has been an epic struggle...nice days? Piece of cake.

Even when life gets turned upside down, take some real time this year to ENJOY your nice days. Sometimes there's only time for a short walk outside but when you've got a whole day or afternoon...SEIZE it!!! For what it's worth, here are a few of my best tips:

  • GET A KIDDIE POOL - Last summer you may have heard me extoll the awesomeness of having a decent size kiddie pool on the lawn. When you can't hit the beach, make your own resort. I don't care how foolish it looks. Nothing brought me more happiness in 2020 than chillin' on a hot day. Plus, they're super easy to clean and refill. Hell, they're even portable.
  • GOOD OUTDOOR FURNITURE - Whatever your budget, invest in at LEAST a couple of really good outdoor chairs. They could be folding camp chairs or high-end real chairs with outdoor cushions. Whatever you can afford as long as it's comfortable to you. There's nothing worse than crappy, too-small camp chairs. Personally, I prefer a chaise lounge. Super comfortable and relaxing for one person but big enough that two can sit upright on it if you need. Whatever YOU think is comfy and affordable. A good place to sit is worth every penny.
  • ACCUMULATE A GOOD STASH OF BEVERAGES (alcoholic and NON-alcoholic) - Skip this one if booze ain't your thing. But if you enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail when appropriate, SALE SHOP! Cans and bottles last a long time when stored properly. But being a host of impromptu gatherings of friends or neighbors can be expensive. Buy drinks whenever you find a good deal then stash it...and you're always ready. I always have a box of Capri Suns or something in case my friends' kiddos stop by. They chill quickly.
  • SPRINKLERS - If the kiddie pool mentioned above isn't your bag, at least have a cheap sprinkler head for your garden hose. Never underestimate the power of running through the sprinklers. Instant therapy for a stressful, hot day.
  • MARGARITAS - I've found it's always a good idea to have the proper ingredients for margaritas on hand. More people than you think love them. Those that don't, probably haven't had a good one.

As our days get warmer and COVID-19 vaccine continues to expand, hopefully this spring and summer will be FUN. Whatever that means to you. We all made the best of 2020 and we deserve some peace and happiness. My peace and happiness just happen to involve a kiddie pool and a margarita :-)

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