Montana is a special place. There are many different things people treasure about this state, but it's not till you fully move away and live somewhere else that you miss Montana and everything about it. So, I thought I would do my "Top 5 Things People Miss When They Leave Montana."

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    The National Parks

    Whether it be Yellowstone or Glacier, they are both breathtaking and just mesmerizing places.

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    If you have ever had White Christmas you know how amazing it is. Growing up here, I don't ever remember a Christmas without snow. Plus, our mountain resorts are pretty awesome.

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    No Sales Tax

    I love this. If it says it's a dollar, it's a dollar.

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    Mountain Ranges

    This was one of the biggest things I missed when I moved away. Just looking out and seeing beautiful mountains was always a great sight to see.

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    The People

    In mostly every town I have ever been to, the people in the community are nice and are friendly. It's always a nice change of pace from big cities.