Montana based company Town & Country Foods has entered into an agreement to purchase Heeb's Fresh Market, according to Travis Frandsen, President of Town & Country Foods.

Town & Country Foods plans to rebrand Heeb's and take over operations on January 1, 2022. Town & Country Foods and Heeb's Fresh Market are both independent grocery stores, and purchasing Heeb's made sense, said Frandsen.

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Town & Country Foods is a 100% employee-owned company based in Montana. Purchasing Heeb's Fresh Market is a great business opportunity and will help employee-owners share in the growth of the company.

Frandsen told us that the 53 employees that currently work at Heeb's Fresh Market will keep their jobs, and will benefit from the employee ownership model at Town & Country Foods.

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Above: Heebs' previous location at E Main Street and Wallace. Below: Heebs' new store at 200 Highland Blvd. Photo Credit: Google Maps

In August, Town & Country Foods opened its 7th location in Billings. The company is also expanding in Bozeman. In addition to the acquisition of Heebs Fresh Market, construction on a new location on Bozeman's west end, near the Market at Ferguson Farm, is expected to begin in 2022.

Sherri and Mitch Bradley, owners of Heebs Fresh Market, have decided to retire, according to an article published Tuesday in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. In 2019, Heebs Fresh Market opened its new store located at 200 Highland Blvd. in Bozeman.

Heebs Fresh Market first opened in Bozeman in 1947 and was the only grocery store located in downtown Bozeman for many years. While it's a shame to see a local name like Heeb's go away, the bright side is that a locally owned Montana-based company is purchasing it.

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