There have been a few stories out there lately about over the top wedding proposals.  I actually have a friend that just asked his girlfriend to marry him while they were at a baseball game in Boston as the camera showed everyone on the big screen (good thing she said yes James :)  ) !  Check out this video, it may top the list!  What are some of the best engagement stories you have heard?

After Angela Ceravolo said “yes” to Jonathan Tremblay’s proposal, he only had one thing left to do: Thank the band Train for helping him out.

“Thank you guys for coming out here – this has been a dream come true for me,” he said through tears in Atlanta's CNN Center on Monday.

“You’re going to make me cry, man,” singer Pat Monahan said. “I can’t be doing that on CNN. I got a reputation to uphold.”

In all seriousness, Train has been making dreams like this come true ever since their song “Marry Me” came out in 2009. The band performs the tune acoustically at concerts and will often hear a small cheer during the song – the sound of another couple getting engaged to their music.

“I love stuff like this,” Monahan said. “Anything we can do to contribute to something positive on this planet.”

Train started bringing couples up on stage to propose and eventually decided to spread the joy a little bit wider. In Atlanta this week, they teamed up with the nationally syndicated "Bert Show" to surprise Ceravolo. This summer, they’ll pick a military couple from thousands of contest entries for an onstage, soulful proposal.