It’s hard to believe that Twitter has been around for seven years. It’s also hard to believe that we have so much seemingly close access to celebrities because of it. (Even though Tina Fey still refuses to join. Hmph.)

But even celebs' first tweets – like those first baby steps we all take – were every bit as awkward as the rest of our “Just figuring this Twitter thing out” missives.

So, in honor of Twitter’s seventh birthday, we found seven awkward first tweets from celebrities for your enjoyment.

We are more than a little disappointed that Joan Rivers' first tweet was not "Can we tweet?" Just sayin'.

Like all of us at first, Ellen Degeneres wasn't sure of the terminology of tweeting.

NPH never misses a beat. Not even in the beginning.

Perhaps no one had yet warned Alec Baldwin that wine is the last thing you want to do around Twitter. He shouldn't feel bad. Richard Marx didn't get the memo either.

Okay, this one isn't awkward -- it's just our very favorite first tweet of all time. We still pity the fools who don't follow Mr. T.