Tourist season is underway, and the tourist stories are coming from Wyoming's National Parks. Bear attacks, trespassing convictions, non-rule followers, and wildlife interactions.

New year, same stories.

The more visitors to the parks, the more likely stories will emerge. From 2020 to 2023, 16,458,172 visitors passed through the gates of Yellowstone National Park. Nearly every visitor has a phone equipped with a camera, meaning we'll surely see pictures and videos of incidents in the park. These incidents are so common at Yellowstone that social media pages are dedicated to them.

Some pictures and videos are graphic and brutal to watch, like this video that was captured following a bison/ vehicle accident. The bison is standing but wobbly, and the car driver is out of his vehicle and standing but also wobbly.

Going to Yellowstone should be a pleasant experience, but accidents sometimes happen. Sadly, many of these bison/ vehicle accidents are avoidable, but people get caught up in the experience, and the bison suffers.

When going to areas like Yellowstone, it's always essential to have a plan. If you've never been, finding someone who has been and will help you put your trip together is not hard.

Some apps, like The Ranger Pete Yellowstone Planner & Guide App, were created exclusively for Yellowstone visitors.

The Ranger Pete App was developed; a free, informational website designed to assist park visitors, first-timers to park veterans, for an enhanced visit, and to get more rewards for their time and money.

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