Would this move be an inconvenience for you, or would it finally make you remember to bring in your bags for groceries?

Remembering everything you need at the store can be a challenge. Do I need to pick up milk? Do I need another bag of chips? Did I forget anything?  Well, they will have one more thing to consider if you shop for groceries at this store.

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CNN reports that Walmart will be eliminating plastic and single-use paper bags in several states. Walmart is making this move to crack down on lowering its use of plastic. Walmart plans on being a zero-waste company by 2025.

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Instead of using plastic or paper bags, Walmart offers reusable tote bags for a low price, or you can bring your bags to load your groceries. The real question is this move happening in Montana?

As of now, no. The states that will be involved with this current move are New York, Connecticut, and Colorado. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Montana Walmart stores will adhere to these policies soon.

In 2019, Kroger grocery stores, which includes Smith's here in Bozeman, stopped using plastic bags and many locals were upset by the move. After a few months, people got used to the policy, and things quieted down.

Walmart is probably the biggest grocery store in Montana, with several locations serving folks who use the store's low prices to feed their family every week. It's not a matter of whether this policy comes to Montana but when.

Photo by Maria Lin Kim via Unsplash
Photo by Maria Lin Kim via Unsplash

I am one of those people with reusable totes sitting in their car, and I constantly forget to bring them into the store. Moves like this would certainly help people remember to bring their totes.

Totes are not only better for the environment but more durable. You can also load more groceries in reusable bags than the plastic bags offered in any grocery store.

For more details, check out CNN.

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