Montana has been growing at a rapid pace, and is officially on the radar of several well-known national businesses and restaurant chains. In recent years, popular restaurant chains including Chick-fil-A and Texas Roadhouse have opened locations throughout the state.

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It's not uncommon for restaurants to partner with major grocery store chains. For many years, there was a McDonald's inside of the Walmart in Bozeman. Unfortunately, many of the McDonald's inside of Walmart stores closed and were replaced by other restaurants.

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According to an article in Yahoo! Finance, Walmart has teamed up with a popular poke restaurant and is expected add the restaurant to at least 10 stores beginning in 2024. Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar will begin opening fast-food style poke restaurants inside of California Walmart locations over the next 5 months. The first locations will open in California, but the restaurants plans to expand nationwide in the future.


The word poke means "chunk" in Hawaiian. It is generally seafood that is marinated, cut into small pieces, and served over rice.

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As of this writing, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar doesn't have any locations in Montana. The closest is in Utah. Also, we're not quite sure that Montanans would want a poke bar. It seems like an Arby's might be a better fit.

There haven't been any official announcements about any new locations opening in Montana in 2024. To be honest, we can think of a lot of restaurants that we'd like to see instead of a poke bar. What restaurant do you think should partner with Walmart? Send us an App Chat on our radio station app and let us know what you think.

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