I think it's so easy to go through life caught up in day to day activities.  Work, school, family, friends - we are always busy.  Sometimes I think it's good to slow down, and look at those who are not as fortunate as we are going about living our normal lives.

This morning, Col. Eric Hastings stopped me in my tracks.  He was in the studio talking about a cause he is very passionate for - Warriors And Quiet Waters.  This organization takes service men and women, brings them to Montana, and takes them into Yellowstone National Park, on fishing excursions and more.  The passion that came out of  Col. Eric Hastings mouth was unbelievable.  What is he doing on an average day?  Doing every thing he can to help those who have lost limbs, are blind, can't talk, have traumatic brain injuries - anything and everything you could think of.  Now THAT'S a life to live.  He walked into my studio at 7:15, and walked out 10 minutes later.  In that 10 minutes he brought me back to reality of what it's like to be inspired.

We are helping this amazing organization during our Super Garage Sale next Saturday, May 18th.  50% of every registration, is going directly to Warriors and Quiet Waters as an in kind donation.  We will continue to spread the word for this amazing man, and this amazing cause.