I don't know about you, but I LOVE going to Garage Sales at the beginning of the summer. I get a yummy mocha, print out the places I want to go - and sneak out really early before anyone else gets up to get the good stuff before they do.  I then do the classic "drive by" when I get to one to see if it's worth stopping for, or if I should continue on to the next site of hidden treasures.  Well, there's an even better plan for the Super Garage Sale coming up on May 18th.

The Super Garage Sale is going to be the biggest day for Garage Sales for the Summer.  If you want to sell some stuff, it's really easy!  You get your stuff you want to sell together and set up in your Garage or Driveway.  Let us know your favorite to sell items and where you live and we are going to feature both on an interactive Google Map.  All of our 5 Townsquare stations will be out and about broadcasting live during the sale,  there will be prizes awarded for the coolest items and more.  You'll get signs to be able to hang up where you want, and a $25 in-kind donation will go to a local charity.  It's going to be AWESOME.

You can see an example of the map and get more information HERE.  This is one you don't want to miss!  THE SUPER GARAGE SALE is May 18th and brought to you by Coldstone Creamery (yum yum) and My 103.5!

Coldstone Creamery