Boo on week 3.  To give you a little catch up, I was in the silly car wreck that has really been difficult for me to recover from.  I am at the point where now I am working out a little 6 days a week, and I really struggle getting through the plan most days.  I know I am making progress, especially in the repair of my back and neck ligaments, but its a very difficult process to go through.  Week 3 absolutely sucked.  I got an F, my body got and F, it was one ginormous boo.Last weekend we were broadcasting at the Headwaters Country Jam and it was just to much.  Put together a sloped venue, camp chairs, sun and fun - and I pushed my hurt body too far. This is the first week were my progress went backwards, but it was by a couple of weeks.  VERY frustrating.  Do the math this puts me back to week 1.  Sometimes I wonder if this will ever get better, but my physical therapist Jeff says this is completely normal.

Here's to hope for week 4!