Valentine's Day is on Sunday and it kind of feels like this could end up being the laziest one in history. Numbers that came out after the Super Bowl last weekend showed a lot of people skipped the parties and just stayed home to watch the game. I can easily see that being the case with Valentine's Day this year. It's usually a huge day for couples to go to restaurants and hit the movie theater - and that will still happen - just by a much smaller percentage of people.

This seems like it'll be the year of laying low, eating in, and pulling a favorite movie out of the home collection. Everybody has a favorite romantic movie. Mine would probably be Austin Powers - the story of a man that's never been able to entertain the idea of settling down with one woman......until his career and love life become intertwined and he realizes he's met the one that completes him. 😄

I recently saw an article from a website called comparitech where they had their annual results of each state's favorite romantic comedy movie or tv show. Rankings were based on some super scientific research.......and by that I mean using IMDB and Google Trend statistics to see what movies people were searching for online.

There were a few stinkers on the list like Saved by the Bell taking the top spot in Louisiana and The Big Bang Theory being most popular in a few states. C'mon.....I get that Big Bang is about the relationships between all the cast members but that show is just a full-blown comedy series.

I have to say that the best choice of the bunch goes to Montana with The Wedding Singer. The people have spoken and the people got it right on this one! I can only imagine that a large portion of Montanans will get cozy on the couch this weekend and spend their Valentine's Day watching Robbie Hart try and prevent the the object of his affection from becoming Julia Gulia.

Do you have a favorite move when it comes to rom-coms? Will you be breaking one out for Valentine's Day?

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