Brrrrrr!!! It's safe to say that winter has finally arrived in Bozeman. Hope you and your family are staying safe and warm.

If you've lived in Bozeman for a long time, you may be somewhat used to the frigid cold temperatures. If you're new to Montana, you'll quickly learn the importance of putting on multiple layers of clothing when you're out in the cold.

Many Montana homes have a wood stove, which is a great way to battle the bitter cold temperatures. If you live in a home with a good quality wood stove, consider yourself lucky. There's honestly nothing better during the winter in Montana. However, a wood stove requires quite a bit of work. First, you need firewood. Fortunately, there are a lot of local companies in the Bozeman area that can help you out in that department. You also need a good axe to chop your firewood when needed. There's an old saying that goes;

Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice.

If you've ever chopped your own wood, you definitely understand that saying. While wood stoves will keep your home nice and warm, you have to keep adding wood and you don't have the ability to control the exact temperature.

Most homes in Bozeman have a furnace which allows you to control the temperature in your home. During the winter, especially in subzero temperatures, many Bozemanites crank up the heat in their homes, while others use blankets and layers of clothing to stay warm while keeping energy costs low. Some prefer to set the thermostat lower when they aren't home to save money. Personally, I keep my home at 67 degrees during the winter.

What do you think is the ideal temperature for your home during the winter in Bozeman? Let in know in our poll below.

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