If you were putting together a Bozeman-themed care package for a friend or loved one, what items would you include in the care package?

On the Bozeman Reddit page, u/bloop202 posted:

Suggestions for MT/Bozeman-themed Care Packages?

There are many stores in the Bozeman area that sell Montana-themed gifts, but where can you find the perfect Bozeman-themed gift? Reddit users were quick to provide some great suggestions.

wilkinsag wrote;

Get them some honey from MT Honey Bee Company! A lot of the fly shops up here have cute little Bozeman themed tumblers, I know Fins and Feathers out in Four Corners has some good ones! Other than that just some huckleberry jam is a good addition!


Chalet Market does great themed boxes, with local meats, cheese, huckleberry stuff, caramels, all of it. They're online, and out in Belgrade.


MoonieNine wrote;

Support Alpacas of Montana, based here in Bozeman. For something inexpensive, they sell ornaments (about $10), dryer balls, little pins and things. (Or be a great friend and get them some alpaca socks ($20 - $30).


burnmatoaka wrote;

Some meat sticks from Miller's Farm or Pioneer Meats might be nice if they're carnivorous. Maybe some blank greeting cards from Tom Murphy or some other local wildlife photographer? Huckleberry stuff is pretty cliche, but people from out of state seem to enjoy it.

There are a lot of great local clothing stores in Bozeman, and many of them sell really cool Bozeman t-shirts. Also, if you're putting together a Bozeman-themed care package for a sports fan, some Montana State Bobcat gear is a must.

What are some other items that belong in a Bozeman-themed care package? We'd love to hear your ideas.

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