As someone who moved to Montana from New York a few months ago, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of all there is to explore around here. Once the weather warms up, I'm definitely gonna check out some of the national parks, and hopefully I'll get to spend a little more time in the cities outside of Missoula in the near future.

Of course, every state has at least one place people always hear about that's not what it's built up to be. Insider has a list of the biggest tourist traps in every single state, and while some were obvious, like Times Square in New York or Roswell in New Mexico, I realized I wasn't familiar with their choice for Montana: The 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar in Haugan.

I mean, it has the word "bar" in it, so I'm sure I'd find something I'd enjoy there. But the place's gimmick is that it contains - you guessed it - 50,000 silver dollars, one of the largest coin collections in America. There's also a motel, a casino, and a huge gift shop. Yeah, that might be something I'd check out if I was passing through, but not something I feel the need to rush out and see.

How about you? Have you been to the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar? What do you think?

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