I'll go first: Ken's Special. Any longtime Bozeman resident (or smart newbie) would know exactly where I was talking about. That's not even my fave item on their menu but it's probably their most well known.

We are lucky to have so many great restaurants in our area. Fancy pants, dive joints, old, new, and everything in between. Folks are always willing to talk about food around here. As the town has grown, the diversity of fare has increased too, which is nice.

There are several local Facebook groups dedicated to food, restaurants and bars. If you ever need a good recommendation for a new-to-you lunch spot or a specific dish, they're a fantastic resource. You know the members are real foodies.

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(BTW, Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week continues this week, all the way through Sunday, May 1st. We put together a list of the best deals you'll find this year. If you missed this year's event, mark your calendar for next year!)

So, tell me your favorite Bozeman area place to eat without telling me your favorite place to eat :-) You could certainly mention a menu item or a specialty. Or perhaps include the owner's name or a notable employee? There are tons of ways to indicate your fave place without actually saying the name.

Another BTW - if you're not familiar with a Ken's Special, it's a well-known classic sandwich found at The Pickle Barrel. My favorite sandwich there is actually a mushroom steak, but that's not important. You get the point. The picture below does not really do the mushroom steak sandwich justice. It is hot sandwich perfection for me.

Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe

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