Yesterday was another picturesque day in Big Sky Country. I have about 100 pictures on my phone and many of them that I have kept are all of our Big Sky.

So where did the renowned nickname for Montana, "Big Sky", originate?

Well, many accredit it to author A.B.Guthrie, Jr.'s 1947 western novel "The Big Sky". It epitomized the realistic depiction of our untamed landscape. It helped Montana associate with the name Big Sky.

The Big Sky by A. B. Guthrie, JR.
Credit:: Mariner Books Publisher via Amazon

Big Sky really became effective in 1962 when it was used in a Montana State Highway Department promotion and has stuck ever since.

I was working on a new stock tank yesterday when I decided to stop and have lunch under a cool pine tree. Just sitting there enjoying what we have here so I snapped a picture.

Sitting for lunch in Montana country
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media

I use these pictures when I make my Christmas cards in the fall. These photos are a couple of my favorites from the past year.

What's great about our Montana sky photos is there are no two alike.

Every day or every evening it gives you something unique and different. Here are three of my favorites.

Big Sky Country Sunset
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media
Montana waves of green
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media
Rain falling in Montana countryside
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media

If you have one that you saved or like, feel free to post it in the Facebook comments or chat us on the app so everyone can enjoy it. Sometimes we all need to escape for a while and take a deep breath of fresh air. Maybe I'll have a new one by tomorrow.

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