I have been fortunate enough to go to many music festivals in my life, and I am really excited this year to be able to go to Moods of the Madison. Not only is it a gorgeous place to hear great music, but the line up is fantastic. Plus, I get to go camping there with some of my best friends and have stories for the next year.

Here are my top five bands I can't wait to see at Moods of the Madison this year!

  • 1

    Beats Antique

    Been a huge fan of this guy for a while and can't wait to finally see him live.

  • 2

    Collective Soul

    Great 90s band. Grew up on their hits.

  • 3


    One of the most played songs during my college years.

  • 4

    Nahko and Medicine for the People

    Have heard nothing but amazing things from this band.

  • 5

    Off in the Woods

    You might be wondering - who is this band? Well, this band is actually from my home town and consists of guys I went to school with for years. I am extremely excited to see them and can't wait to enjoy a beer while they play.