The population of Bozeman has been growing a lot in recent years and the cost of living has become unbearable for many that live here.

The median sale price for homes in Bozeman continues to rise and a lot of people that have lived here for a long time are struggling to survive.

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I have friends that simply can't afford to live in the Gallatin Valley anymore. Many of them are Montana natives, but since they aren't millionaires, they are saying goodbye to a place they have called home for many years.

Would Bozeman benefit from factory outlet mall? Outlet malls are popular shopping destinations in many parts of the country, but there aren't any legitimate outlet malls in Montana. As the price of goods continues to rise, more people are looking for ways to save money.

The appeal of an outlet mall is that people can get great deals on designer goods. Many well-known businesses have outlet stores, including Levis, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, and more.

There is a Patagonia outlet store in Montana, but it's located in Dillon, which is a good drive from Bozeman. Personally, I think Bozeman is a far better location for it, but that's just me.

I know that the housing situation is out of control and that that needs to be a main priority as Bozeman continues to grow, but what can be done to help out people that live here right now? I know a lot of people aren't happy about how fast Bozeman is growing, but an outlet mall would be a great addition.

What do you think? Does Bozeman need an outlet mall?

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