Montana has a rich history of mining minerals and rocks and sometimes, you can find some literal hidden gems in the Treasure State.

I love collecting rocks and crystals. They’re older than any human on the planet and hold so much history in each specimen. I put together a list of minerals and rocks you can go hunt for and which ones can be found in private mines.  

Always remember when hunting for gems and rocks, that people have been to these sites for decades unearthing these specimens.

Some sites like Crystal Park, are picked through, but that means you may have to look a bit harder for your findings. If you purchase books that give you maps of where to find the gem sites in Montana, be aware that some of that information may be outdated.

Joining a local rock hunting group can help you gain access to “off-limit” locations.

There’s many clubs in Montana that offer guidance on where to find the treasure spots in Montana. Start with searching Facebook and there’s sure to be a group near you.  

Rocks and Gems You Can Find in Montana

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