Weird News

Spreadable Beer!
I sense a tailgate party in our future! Move aside, Nutella, it's time for spreadable beer. Yep, SPREADABLE BEER! I don't know how it tastes but imagine dipping some pretzels in this concoction! Looks like we don't have to wait long to find out what it tastes like.
Man’s Walk Of Shame – On Video
Oh man. This isn't good at all. The story pretty much writes itself: A guy sneaks out of his hotel room to place the room service tray in the hallway. He turns around and the door is locked...he's still naked. Naked dude misses every logical opportunity to get help.
Mom Gets Stolen Van Back Via Text
A mother of five returned to the parking lot to an empty space. Her van had been stolen. The only thing she could think to do was text the phone that was in the van and hope for a response. It worked.
A Kid Lived WHERE For Four Days?
At 14, he's already known for running away and living in abandoned houses, businesses and creeks. This time, he chose a place where he would have anything he needed. Thanks, Walmart.
The Ryan Gosling Bathroom
Talk about the most pleasant restroom experience in the history of ever! A restaurant has created a Ryan Gosling shrine in one of the stalls. The walls look like the inside of a teenager's locker. Sign me up!
Whoops! Woman’s Husband Is Her Brother
You search for your soul mate and actually find that person. You form a life together and have a child. Years later you find out that you will be united with your mother who abandoned you as a child. Your mother tells you that you have a brother. It's your soul mate. You married your brother.

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