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Justin Timberlake And Mila Kunis Speculation
I would just like to state the fact that I think Justin Timberlake's break up with Jessica Biel had SOMETHING to do with the gorgeous Mila Kunis.  Did you see them together at the Grammy's?  Do yo think Mila had something to do with the split?
Taking a couple alert pool - if you t…
Kim K’s Old Hollywood Look
Check out Kim K's flapper look from a party she went to over the weekend!  I think she looks GREAT, what do you think?
Dressed in her finest flapper couture to attend a birthday bash this weekend, a dazzling Kim Kardashian teased followers on Twitter with her new, old-Hollywood look.
Car Wreck Causes Scary Weekend For Jewel!
A very scary incident for a new mom to be, Jewel was in a car accident over the weekend!
Pregnant recording artist Jewel had a scare this weekend in Stephenville, Texas, after a nasty two-car collision on Friday, with a volunteer fire truck that was being driven by a local official en route to a fire…
Eww Tom Brady
Let me just tell you something about me - I am NOT a Tom Brady fan.  I think he gets his hair done before football games and overall is just way too much of a girly man football player for my taste.   Here's a perfect example in his newest picture released to the media.  Wha…
How Much Does Kate Have A Say In Her Wedding?
If you have ever watched an episode of Bridezilla's - you know how stressful wedding planning can be!  Can you imagine if you were planning a wedding that the whole world was looking at?  Exactly how much does Kate have to say about her upcoming wedding to Prince William - alot it see…
American Idol Lands Huge Performer
It's no secret that it's difficult to keep high ratings as seasons go on for shows like American Idol.  It's a constant struggle for them to keep finding things that appeal to you so you will tune in.  I think they found something this year!

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