Is the NFL Considering Widening the Playing Field?
A former member of the NFL's competition committee thinks the league should consider increasing the width of its football fields to help improve safety. Former Indianapolis Colts' vice-chairman Bill Polian said Sunday that he believes there would be fewer severe collisions if the NFL chose to increa…
Lip Reading NFL Games – HILARIOUS (VIDEO)
Have you ever been watching football and wonder what they are saying on the sidelines?  Well someone came up with a hilarious version of what they could be talking about.  If you are a football fan, make sure you watch this one.  Oh - And Go Packers 2013 - 2014...
Dads Reaction To Getting Football Tickets (VIDEO)
I love this video!  The guys son gave him football tickets for Christmas and his reaction is priceless.  I had kind of the same experience last year when my fiance's mom gave us Packer Playoff tickets for his Christmas and Graduation presents...
NFL Jet-Away Contest to the Game of Your Choice
Is your favorite team the Broncos? No. The Jets? No. How about we stop guessing and you just tell us your favorite team. We want to know because if you are the winner of our NFL Jet-Away Contest we will fly you there for one of their home games!
The NFL Quarterback Workout Plan
Getty Images
There may not be a Super Bowl ring in your future, but you can still get a body worthy of multi-million dollar contract. Although they have the best trainers money can buy, some of the biggest stars in the NFL get lean and strong with surprisingly simple workouts

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