New Trend: Beard Ornaments
It's getting festive in the @4PsMarketing office @NuJon @MAINW00D @LukeVKnight pic.twitter.com/9A3dgYSLTe
— Serena W (@SerenaWWong) December 15, 2014
If you have any sort of a beard, you're in for a Christmas Miracle! Beard Baubles has launched and will turn your chin (and upper lip) i…
Get In Shape For “Costume Season”. Is This A Thing?
Forget bikini season, it's time for costume season. Subway has a brilliant ad promoting healthy eating so you can fit into your Halloween costume that isn't really a costume - it's a take on a costume. If you've been to any Halloween party in the history of ever, you've noti…
A Wearable Futon? Hello Naps At Work!
The wearable futon looked so ridiculous...until I realized the potential. Imagine feeling a little sleepy at work. Put on your futon and snooze under your desk. What about a cancelled flight causing you to spend the night in the airport? Two words: Wearable. Futon. See? It's genius!
Pre-Bent iPhone 6 Case
Yep, the iPhone 6 Plus bends. You can't put it in your pocket like other phones. Apple calls it a feature instead of a manufacturing defect. Instead of getting upset about it, why not buy a pre-bent case? Problem solved! This is ridiculous, is it not?!
Hero Status: Miniature Rescue By Washington State Firefighter.
photo credit: AMagill via photopin ccThe Lacey Fire Department was called to a house fire where the family was able to make it out safely but there was still more life inside - baby hamsters. Being the true heroes they are each and every day, the firefighters resorted to the Pet Emergency Pocket Gui…
Should Isis Change Her Name?
A little girl's life has completely changed because of ISIS. The reason? Her name is Isis. It's reached the point where Isis' mom feels her little girl will be targeted - if she's not already.
Spreadable Beer!
I sense a tailgate party in our future! Move aside, Nutella, it's time for spreadable beer. Yep, SPREADABLE BEER! I don't know how it tastes but imagine dipping some pretzels in this concoction! Looks like we don't have to wait long to find out what it tastes like.

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