A fan of Taylor Swift is in New York celebrating a friend's birthday. The friends take a boat ride and happen to notice TAYLOR SWIFT! What do you do when you're in a boat and see Taylor Swift? You paddle on over to the dock and ask for Taylor's help getting out so you can get a picture. That's not all that happens, though...

The girl gets out of the boat and takes the cutest picture with Taylor:



At that point, you say "Thank you" and walk away, right?


You tell Taylor that you're going to Chipotle and she hands you $90 out of her purse.



1. Chipotle is amazing and now I'm craving it.

2. $90 for food? She's paying for ALL of you?

Is Taylor Swift a saint? Yep, I'm thinking so.

All the pics will be in Rolling Stone magazine because she was doing an interview and photo shoot for the mag when this all went down.